Google Purchased Domains

www Directs To Partner Page


 The Problem

A problem faced by many Apps users that have purchased a domain from Google is that the domain is forwarded to the partner page rather than the web page.  This is caused by some A records added to the DNS records at the local hosts, eNom and GoDaddy. Both eNom and GoDaddy offer reseller arrangements to web hosting businesses and seem to be under the impression that Google is also offering web hosting so they add the A records to their servers to redirect to the DNS control panel of the Google servers. But Google does not offer remote DNS control at the parter page.

The Solution For eNom

Log into Google Apps and enable  web pages. Create a custom url for web pages, www, and then log into the eNom control panel, If you haven't yet found the password for your eNom control panel you'll find it in Apps, Domain settings, and click the  Advanced DNS settings link.  In eNom click the Edit button for Host Records and one at a time change the three A records to CNAME records using the drop down menus, changing the Host Name values from @ to www and the Address from the ip numbers to Each time you add the www it will replace the previous entry and will remove the A records from the DNS records leaving just one www CNAME record. You may also at this time want to add a URL Redirect using the drop down menu to or a url of your choice, perhaps a different web page or a file you've uploaded to your files. Here is a screen shot of the eNom DNS control panel with the proper CNAME entries plus the improper A records that need to be changed. These changes will assure that the url will redirect to .